Purchase Order Number

A legally binding document between a buyer and a supplier is known as a purchase order. The purchase order number is an essential attribute of the purchase order, it is a unique reference that helps in matching shipments with purchases. In other words, if there is no purchase order, then there is no order from the customer.

When a subscription is purchased by the buyer and PO number is given, it is allied with that subscription and will be appeared in all the invoices linked with that subscription.

Adding/Updating PO Number in ChargeMonk

In ChargeMonk, Adding and updating PO number can be done while:
a) Creation of a subscription, or
b) Changing a subscription.

In addition to this, your customers can also add or update the PO Number through

a) Web Interface (Invoice Details Page)
b) The Hosted Checkout page during sign up, or
c) The Customer Portal while the change of subscription.


  • Hosted Pages v1 does not support PO numbers.
  • In case you do not amend the PO number at the Subscription level, in existing invoices, it will not be updated. Update PO Number option can be used to update it at the invoice level.
Activate PO Number in the Hosted Checkout Page

On the basis of the hosted checkout version that you have activated in your ChargeMonk site, you can activate PO Number in your Hosted Checkout page.

Hosted Page v2: PO Number can be activated in the Additional Information section, in Settings > Configure ChargeMonk > Checkout & Portal > Field Configurations.

Checkout Pages v3: PO Number can be activated in the Settings > Configure ChargeMonk > Checkout & Portal > Configuration > Advanced Settings

In case you want to change the text for the same, this can be performed under Settings › Hosted Page Settings › Text Configurations.

The PO number can be checked in:

  • The details page of Subscription in the web interface.
  • The s allied with the subscription.
  • The Customer Portal under Subscriptions.
Export and Mail Merge Fields

In the export files of Invoice and Subscription, the PO number details are added.

With the help of Mail Merge Fields, the PO Number can also be included with an email notification sent to the customer.

Updating PO Number via API

With the help of below given APIs the PO number can be added/updated:

One-Off Invoice

With the help of one-off invoices you can request payments for particular goods or services, including any taxes or discounts.

At present, the PO number can be added to one-off invoices only through API. By using below given API's, PO number can be added to one-off invoices: