How to get started with ChargeMonk?

Using and understanding the ChargeMonk test site is simple and interactive. Follow the below-given steps and enjoy a realistic experience of all the features including subscribing, creating plans, coupons, customers and generating an invoice and much more:

  1. In ChargeMonk site signup by clicking the register button placed at the top right panel, it will redirect you to the signup page.
  2. Fill your details in the given fields in signup page like email address, business type, business size and click on the complete signup button.
  3. A confirmation mail will be sent to the email address that you provided.
  4. Click on the confirmation button enclosed in your mail.
  5. Fill the entries and get started with the Test site.
  6. In Test site, go to Setting > Configure > Business Profile
  7. In Business profile, enter the address and time zone of your organization.
  8. Back to Settings > Configure > Payment Gateways
  9. In the Payment Gateways page, click Add New Payment Gateway, which will redirect you to the payment gateway page.
  10. In the payment gateway page, choose your payment gateway from given options and add details in the provided fields.
  11. Create a plan, go to Plans > Add New Plan.
  12. Enter all the plan details as per your convenience and click on Create Plan button.
  13. Create an addon, go to Addons > Add New Addon.
  14. Enter all the addon details as per your convenience and click on Add New Addon button.
  15. Create a coupon, go to Coupons > Add New Coupon.
  16. Enter all the coupon details as per your convenience and click on Add New Coupon button.
  17. Create a Subscription, go to Subscriptions > Add New Subscription.
  18. Enter all the details including customer details, subscription details, billing information, invoicing options and click on Add New Subscription button.
  19. Invoice generated after subscription will be in pending status if card is not added.
  20. To add card details go to the customers option, here you can find Actions button. Click on the Actions button and choose Add Card from drop down menu.
  21. Enter all the required card details and click on the Create Card button. You have to add the card details for the first time only, ChargeMonk will save your card details for future use.
  22. Go to the Customer invoices, click on the Actions button and choose view option from the drop down menu, which will redirect you to the View Invoice page.
  23. In the View Invoice page, select Actions option and click on Close Now button, which generates your invoice successfully and its status will change from pending to success.
  24. You will also receive a mail containing your invoice receipt.

Get a Hand-on Experience on ChargeMonk Sites

Now it is the time for the real action!

In ChargeMonk, there will be two sites in your account -Test Site and Live Site. On successful signing up for ChargeMonk, a test site will get enabled for you by default. The test site is like a sandbox mode site which helps you to get an interactive experience of ChargeMonk. The aim of creating test site is to give you a better understanding of the product in a practical manner. Here you can test every aspect of ChargeMonk by creating plans, subscriptions, customers, configuring bills and much more. The best part is that the information added, edited or deleted here doesn't have any impact on your actual customer data.

On initial signup for ChargeMonk, the Live site will not be enabled for you. Only if you are convinced that you have understood all the aspects by testing them properly and you are ready to start billing your customer in real. Once you have tested all the aspects of ChargeMonk and want to start billing your customers effectively, you can get started by enabling your Live site and following the below given steps:

  • Click on the profile icon placed on the top right panel, it will redirect you to the subscription details page.
  • In the subscription details page you will find two buttons saying Choose Plan and Manage Account. There will be one more option to cancel chargeMonk account (in case you want to cancel the account for some reason).
  • Now, click on the Choose plan button, which will open a window with two plans from which you can choose the plan as per your requirement and get going.


You can also go to the live site by clicking the Go Live button given in the Test site.