All the necessary particulars regarding your customer are included in Customer. These particulars contain billing details, basic contact information, payment details and more.

Creating a New Customer

In below given 3 ways Customers can be created:

  • When the creation of a new subscription happens
  • By the web interface
  • Using the API

When Creation of a New Subscription Happens

When creation of a new subscription happens either by the hosted page of ChargeMonk Site or by the API, ChargeMonk creates a new customer automatically.

By ChargeMonk Site

A new customer can be created under Customers > Create a New Customer.

Using API

Create a Customer API can also be used to create a new customer. When a customer is created, it comprises basic features like name, customer id, email, name of the company and phone number. These features are common to the customer object.

The following are the extra entities connected to a customer object:

All other entities are common to the customer object, except for subscriptions.

Steps to Access Customer Information in ChargeMonk

In the below screenshot, it is shown, how you can access your customer’s information from the Customers option.

Click on the Customer ID option, which will open the details page of customer which comprises all the details about the customer like billing info, subscription, payment methods and more.

Various other operations can be performed with this option such as Send Email & etc. Below described are the detailed operations:

  • Actions: actions can be performed by this option like Send Email and View as PDF of your Invoice. Actions are accessible by admins only.

    • Send Email: Customers > Customer Invoice > Send Email With the help of this option email can be sent to the customer with invoice details.
    • View as PDF: PDF of that invoice can be seen without sending the email.

Search: With the help of the search section on the left you can search any customer.

Fill the following details to create a Customer.


With the help of this option, you can create a new subscription for an existing customer. Once the creation of a new subscription takes place, automatically the customer object is assigned to the Subscription created.

For an existing customer, subscriptions can be created via the API or the web interface.

For creating a new subscription via the web interface, under Subscriptions, go to the Customers Menu, select customer and with the help of Create New Subscription option get the new subscription as given below :

Get more information about subscriptions here.

Customer Payment Method Details

A host of multiple payment methods and various payment modes per customer is supported by ChargeMonk. When the payment method information of a customer is included, the payment mode will be tried every time a charge requires being collected.

In case, there is addition of multiple payment methods against a customer, ChargeMonk helps you to tag one payment method as primary and another payment method as backup to make sure you don't lose earning, if a payment method doesn’t work.

With the help of web interface, ChargeMonk's hosted pages and ChargeMonk's API, and you can add payment method information of a customer including adding, updating or removing. Checkout payment methods overview for more details here.

Refund Payments

In case, payment collection is done in advance from a customer, or if the customer has done a single payment for more than one invoices, or if customer wants refund then use the Refund Payment option to account for the same:

The recorded payment will be imposed on the future invoices automatically. To the existing Not Paid or Payment Due invoices, it can also be manually applied.

Auto Collection Status

Customer’s Auto Collection status plays a major role in deciding if the subscriptions integrated to the customer should be automatically charged with the help of the card on file. In case, Auto Collection is OFF and even if the card is available, automatically subscriptions will not be charged. But if Auto Collection is ON, a trial will be made to charge the card.


  • Once a subscription is converted to ACTIVE from TRIAL state with no card on file and auto collection ON, it will get terminated. But, in case the value of the subscription is $0, it will not get canceled even when no card on file and the auto collection is ON as there is no attempt to collect charges.
  • In case you have activated the Payment Terms feature for your invoices, and disabled the Auto Collection option for a customer, invoice will get labeled as Posted. Also, a notification email will be sent to customers, and once the due date is close, the invoice status will get changed to Payment Due.

Customer Billing Address

During the registration with and without a card for the customer, a billing address of customers can get captured. In case you have activated billing address validation, then the billing address detail requires to be given by the customer during the registration.

For EU region’s merchants, who have activated EU VAT, the taxes will get imposed based on the billing country specified at the time of registration. So while creating the subscriptions, you have to overtly provide the billing country for the system to choose if the tax should get imposed or not.

In case the billing country is not provided while creating the subscription, no EUVAT will be imposed.

Billing address for customers with card

The billing details of customers are connected to the credit card of customers for online subscriptions.

Once the creation of a subscription is done with a card on file, the billing address will get captured with the card information and get used as the billing address of the customer. But the customer's billing info can get edited if required, with the help of the Update Billing Info option present in the Actions panel


If only the billing details of a customer will get updated, the billing details of the credit card will not get updated. However, in case you update the billing details of the card when updating the card information, the billing details of the customer will get updated automatically.

In short, there is no need to worry about updating the billing addresses of customers separately, for customers with a card.

Billing address for offline customers

Offline customers are those subscribers who do not have an offline subscription and card on file.

The billing details for offline subscriptions can also be collected during the registration. In case, you have chosen the billing address sections for validation then these sections will be shown while creating the subscription offline through the web interface automatically.

While the creation of offline subscriptions with the help of API, the extra features will get included for billing address by using the customer object. The updating of the billing details for an offline subscription within the subscription through the update billing info for customer API or by the web interface.