PayPal via Braintree


Payments are accepted by Braintree through PayPal, which means, you can link ChargeMonk with Braintree and accept payments through PayPal and Braintree. Follow the instructions given in Braintree's setup guide regarding linking Braintree with PayPal. By using PayPal Account customers can make payments with Braintree payment gateway. Customers will be notified to add their PayPal credentials so that they can complete the payment. There is no processing fee charged by Braintree for PayPal transactions. All your payment transactions processed through PayPal and card is saved in Braintree account, which can be viewed anytime. All countries where Braintree is available, supports this feature.


  • Get in touch with to facilitate PayPal as a payment method for your ChargeMonk site through Braintree.
  • In case Multicurrency is facilitating in your ChargeMonk site, make sure that the currencies setup in your ChargeMonk site are also configured in your PayPal Merchant account. This prevents payment failures in ChargeMonk when payment is made by your customer with a currency that is not configured in your ChargeMonk site.
  • For getting payments through PayPal, you have to use Braintree Direct. For more information on Braintree Direct, get in touch with Braintree's Support Team.
  • It will take 1-2 business days for the approval process to allow payments using PayPal for Braintree.
  • Rhapsody theme of ChargeMonk and iframe tags is not supported.

Integrate via ChargeMonk API

Step 1: Configure PayPal in Braintree

Click here to get more information on how to setup PayPal in Braintree.

Step 2: Process transactions via ChargeMonk API

At checkout, the token of PayPal payment method got from Braintree should be migrated to ChargeMonk through API. Consider these APIs for more:

Integrate via Checkout Pages

Step 1: Setup PayPal in Braintree

Click here to get more info on how to configure PayPal in Braintree.

Step 2: Enable PayPal in ChargeMonk

Get in touch with to enable PayPal for your ChargeMonk site with your Merchant Account details. Consider this section for more info.

Step 3: Setup PayPal in ChargeMonk's hosted pages

Now you can continue to configure PayPal in hosted pages of ChargeMonk.

Business Description

Give a Business Description, which serves as an extra note regarding to the transaction that will appear in the PayPal account of your customer. This will help your customers to identify the transactions associated with your company easily.

This business description will appears in your login PayPal page as shown below:

You can also recover the shipping and billing address of customer from their PayPal account to get auto filled at the checkout pages.

Now the payment gateway configuration is complete.

Checkout with PayPal

See also

Get more info on how to connect your PayPal sandbox account to your Braintree test account here :


1. on adding a new currency to my gateway account, what will be the outcome?.

To update the Merchant Account Info, contact

2. If a customer abandons the agreement from their PayPal account, what will be the outcome?

Customer’s future payments will fail and merchant will get notified. Either you can immediately cancel the subscription or request the customer for updating another payment method.

3. What is the process of performing VAT Location validation?

In case copying the billing address from the Paypal account of customer is allowed, Paypal account country and IP address of customer will be authorized against billing address country. If both are not present, the location status will be shown as invalid and on renewal subscription will be canceled. Get more info about Location Validation of ChargeMonk.