Trial Period for Addons


Charges or fees added to the actual price of service or good for additional benefits or features are known as Addons.

Addons can be provided for a trial to your customer with ChargeMonk so that your customers understand the feature before prior to signing up for it.

Assume, you provide Google Calendar with your service as an add-on. The interested customers who want to sign up can use the Google Calendar feature for limited days as a trial before prior to using it along with the subscription.


You can activate this feature for your site by contacting

Configure Trial Period for Addons

The Trial period for addons is available by API only. You can store the add-on's trial period details in the add-on's metadata.

Invoice for Addons on Trial

The addons will shift to an Active state, once the trial period is over. When this happens, a discrete invoice for that add-on is generated.

For the add-on, a prorated charge will get generated, from the activation date to the subscription renewal date.

Assume that for a subscription having a billing cycle from March 15 to April 15, an add-on as a trial was added on March 20 for 10 days. This add-on will get activated on March 30 and an invoice including a prorated charge will get raised for March 31 to April 15.

In case the subscription of customer renews on the same day on which the add-on is activated, they will get two invoices, one invoice for the subscription and the other for an add-on, irrespective of the add-on's number.

Assume that the customer has a trial subscription and trial 3 addons. Subscription renews the same day on which the add-on is activated. In this case the customer will get 4 invoices, first invoice for the renewal of subscription and the other 3 for the addons.


An individual invoice will get generated when add-on trial is over even when Consolidated Invoicing is activated for your ChargeMonk site.

Subscription Cancellation and Reactivation (Dunning)

Once subscriptions are canceled because of the dunning rules, trial addons on trial will follow the suit.

On the other hand, there are two possibilities to be considered during the subscription's reactivation:

1. In-term Reactivation

In case the subscription gets reactivated before its renewal date/time, then the function of add-on upon reactivation will continue. No changes will take place in the trial end date/time that is set originally.

Assume that the subscription's billing cycle is from March 15 to April 15. Subscription got terminated on March 30 and reactivated on April 10.

Both the addons, Add-on 1 and Add-on 2, connected to the subscription and are on the trial for 15 days.

Addons Trial Period Will the addon be on trial when the subscription reactivates? Charge on reactivation
Addon 1 January 20 - February 5 No Prorated charge from February 5 - February 15
Addon 2 January 27 - February 12 Yes No charge, the addon is still on trial.

2. Out-of-term Reactivation

In case the subscription is reactivated after the renewal's date/time, the add-on's term will get reset and the trial will be no longer pertinent. The customer have to pay for both the subscription and the addons, irrespective of the completion of the trial period.

Assume that the subscription's billing cycle is from March 15 to April 15. Subscription got terminated on April 12 and reactivated on April 22.

Addons Trial Period Will the addon be on trial when the subscription reactivates? Charge on reactivation
Addon 1 February 5 - February 20 No Full
Addon 2 February 10 - February 25 No Full

A full charge will be raised on the subscription's reactivation date, for both the addons.


In case, Calendar Billing is activated for your site, the charge can be prorated from the reactivation's date/time to the upcoming billing date/time.

Subscription Cancellation/Reactivation (Manual)

Manually, when a subscription is terminated, the subscription term is not maintained. The trial addons on connected to the same subscription will be terminated.

When the reactivation of the same subscription takes place, both the subscription and the add-ons will shift on to the Active state and will be fully charged.


  • Only recurring addons can have the trial period included to them. non-recurring addons are not supported.
  • Only the subscriptions that are in Active state are having addons with a trial period.
  • When the trial end of an add-on is set once, it cannot be modified. To modify the add-on, it needs to be terminated and added with a new trial end again.
  • Once the add-on is in its trial period, the values of all the fields, except for the value of trial end, can be customized.
  • Only when the trial period of an add-on is over, it can move to an Active state.
  • The amendments in the add-on will be imposed immediately and cannot be listed for the subscription 's end of the term.
  • Add-on on trial features will not be functional for advance invoicing.