PayPal Payments Pro

PayPal Payments Pro is an online payment processing gateway of Paypal that helps businesses and merchants to accept credit card payments online with a complete customizable solution. In addition to this, you can host and create your own checkout pages to get the full control.


PayPal Payflow Pro is the best option; in case you need PayPal’s merchant account along using their payment gateway.

Choosing PayPal Payments Pro

Prior to choosing PayPal Payment Pro as your payment solution consider below given factors:

  • Countries supported: The companies located in the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are accessible to use PayPal Payment Pro. In case you have a business in the United Kingdom, where you intend to use PayPal, Visit PayPal Payflow Pro
  • Payment Methods: Payments are supported by PayPal through credit or debit card and PayPal. Though, currently PayPal (wallet) payments with Payments Pro are not supported by ChargeMonk at this time, but card payments with the Payments Pro gateway are supported only.
  • Pricing:The service fees charged by PayPal include per-transaction and monthly fees. This fee depends on the location. Go through your country specific PayPal site for additional information.

Using ChargeMonk with PayPal Payments Pro

Credit card information linked with Payment Pro in a third party card vault, given by Spreedly is stored by ChargeMonk. To authenticate Payments Pro account easily with Spreedly, you need to configure it. There are three ‘modes' that used by Spreedly to authenticate with PayPal, but you have to setup your PayPal account to Signature mode to associate it with ChargeMonk. (Each of the three modes authorize Spreedly with your PayPal account at different levels of access.)

Below given are the steps to configure your PayPal account to Signature Mode. In case you card details are stored in Paypal’s vault already after using PayPal Payment Pro, you need to pass your card details to Spreedly associate with ChargeMonk. Send a mail to for additional information on the migration process.


Though payments are accepted by PayPal Payments Pro through PayPal, ChargeMonk accepts payments only by cards. For accepting payments through the ' PayPal accounts of your customer, you will have to setup PayPal Express Checkout with ChargeMonk.

In addition to this, you would have to:

  • Sign up for a business account: All of the Paypal’s merchants need to possess a business account. You have to register for one with the help of Sign Up option placed on the top right of the screen and pick Business Account.
  • Sign the billing agreement: Once you sign the billing agreement given in the Overview page, you will sign you up for Website Payments Pro automatically and that will help you to accept payments.
  • Enable Reference Transactions: Activating the reference transactions on your PayPal account helps ChargeMonk to connect with it and program the payments for subscriptions. Where as reference transactions are enabled in the sandbox, automatically you have to contact PayPal to activate the reference transactions on your live site. This simple process is accomplished at the back end. Consider that PayPal has an agreement procedure to activate reference transactions in your business account and this process takes some time usually.

Dissimilarities in Website Payments Pro and PayPal Payments Pro

When you register for PayPal Payments Pro it helps you by providing a merchant account and also an access to payment gateway of PayPal. In other hand registering for Website Payments Pro helps your PayPal account to get payments through credit and debit card. Automatically, when you sign your billing agreement with PayPal Payments Pro, it signs you up for Website Payments pro too; you have to remember to do so when you are ready to go live i.e. to initiate getting payments on your website.


Only on the live site ChargeMonk and PayPal Payment Pro can be linked. Testing with PayPal Payment Pro is conversed in this document later.

Option A ChargeMonk's hosted payment pages + PayPal Payments Pro Gateway

When using this feature, the card details of customer are collected by ChargeMonk's secure hosted pages and migrated on to Spreedly for storing. This process reduces your PCI compliance requirements. If you are a merchant using hosted pages of ChargeMonk, all you need to do is to fill a Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ-A) and submit it to the payment gateway, when requested.

PCI Compliance Requirements: Low

Option B ChargeMonk's API + PayPal Payments Pro Gateway

When using this feature, the card details collection is managed by you and is migrated to ChargeMonk later. When captured, ChargeMonk would pass the card details to Spreedly, which sets your PCI compliance requirements on higher end; all you will need to prove that your servers are enough secure to get such sensitive information.

PCI Compliance Requirements: High

Configuring PayPal Payments Pro

You are ready to connect with ChargeMonk, once your Payments Pro account communicates comfortably with Spreedly in the Signature mode. Below given are the steps to setup PayPal Payment Pro on ChargeMonk's live site:

  • Step 1: Step 1: In your Live ChargeMonk Site, navigate to Settings > Configure ChargeMonk > Payment Gateways and select Add a Gateway, which will allow you to see a list of Payment Gateways.
  • Step 2: Pick PayPal Payment Pro from this list.
  • Step 3: Add your API Username, API Password & Signature.
  • Step 4: Ensure that you activate the Card Verification and Card Storage feature when required.

Testing PayPal Payments Pro with ChargeMonk

PayPal Payment Pro can be associated with ChargeMonk only on its live site. In case you are accessing the live site of ChargeMonk and intend to make a few test transactions, then you can make use of the test payment gateway of ChargeMonk, which is created to simulate all the payment allied scenarios. For testing with the test gateway of ChargeMonk, test cards can be found on our cards page.