Subscription Cancellation


In case a subscription that which is in active state shifts to an inactive state and no further renewals are possible, then it is canceled subscription. The cancellation of an active subscription can take place anytime. Below given are the five ways in which the cancellation of a subscription can take place:

Cancellation Reasons

There could be various reasons for the cancellation of the subscription. When a subscription gets canceled due to any of the below listed cases, the reason for cancellation will be notified to you by subscription canceled event.

  • Not Paid
  • No Card
  • Fraud Review Failed
  • Non Compliant EU Customer
  • Tax Calculation Failed
  • Currency incompatible with Gateway
  • Non Compliant Customer

But if there is some other for the cancellation of subscription, the subscription canceled event will not have any reason for the cancellation.


Reactivating Canceled Subscription

To re-activate the billing for a canceled subscription, you have to ‘reactivate' your subscription. Learn more.


Why is it not possible to set the time when I change the cancellation date?

This is because your ChargeMonk site must be in the day-based billing mode.
In this mode, it is mentioned that at the end of the day, the cancellation will take place.