Invoice Operations

In ChargeMonk, while opening an invoice the details of the invoice details will be available from the Invoices button. From below given actions that are made available on the right on "Actions" panel, you can choose:

Emailing Invoices

The invoice can be sent through email with the help of the Send Email option.

Update Addresses

With the help of the Update Invoice Address option, amend the shipping and billing addresses for the individual invoices:


  1. This action modifies the address info associated with the specific invoice and not the shipping or billing address associated with the customer or subscription.
  2. In case you have activated the taxation option for your site, the country cannot be amended with this option in case the calculated tax rate depends on the location, as the tax rate imposed will amend. Get more information on the taxation feature of ChargeMonk here

Add Charge

With the help of the Add Charge feature, full or partial payment can be collected for an invoice.

Record Payment

With the help of the Record Payment feature, you can record offline payments received for invoices manually, which are in Payment Due or Not Paid mode.

Partial Payments

Add the collected amount in the Amount section while recording the payment. From the final amount of the due invoice, the partial amount will be deducted.


The invoice will remain in the Payment Due or Not Paid mode until the complete due amount is recorded.


With the help of Refund option, refunds can be issued for paid or partially paid invoices. Get detailed info on issuing refunds through the web interface here.

Record Refund

In case you have received offline payments and want to refund the same, utilize the Record Refund option.

Get detailed info on refunding offline payments here.

Update PO Number

With the help of Update PO Number option, updating the Purchase Order Number in the invoice will be possible. This option is useful when:

  1. PO Number was not added when a subscription is created.
  2. The PO Number has been changed and requires to be updated in the previous invoices.


The PO number associated with the specific invoice will be changed with this action and not the PO number associated with the subscription.

Write Off

In case the due amount of invoice was not gathered even after many attempts, the Write Off action will be used to close the invoice.

Whenever this option is utilized,

  • An Adjustment Credit Note will be formed for the due amount in the invoice. The reason code for this Credit Note will be "Write Off" and will be imposed on the same invoice.
  • The status of the invoice will be marked as Paid.


With the help of the Void option, you can terminate an invoice generated with erroneous details. An invoice can be marked as voided when:

  • The amount in the invoice is incorrect.
  • The amendments in the invoice are requested by the customer.
  • The order is canceled by the customer.

It is not possible to void an invoice, if it has payments linked with it.

  1. Only Owner, Admin, Sales Manager, and Customer Support are allowed to use the void option.
  2. In case Promotional Credits had been imposed on the voided invoice, then the credits will get retained and included back to the customer.
  3. In case Prorated Credits had been imposed on a voided invoice, then the credits will be regained and included back to the subscription.
  4. 4. In case the invoice of the existing term is voided and if the subscription is amended with the Apply prorated credits and charges option activated, then Prorated Credits will not be generated for such subscription and will not be imposed on the next invoices.
  5. The invoice_deleted event will get triggered by voiding an invoice.
  6. After correcting the invoice details, the voided invoice can be regenerated.

Deleting Vs. Voiding

A deleted invoice will be eradicated from the system and that operation cannot get undone. In case you are filing for taxes then the invoice deletion might be challenging as you can lose all the details of the invoice number order. Such as, in case an invoice #002 is deleted, the invoices list will then be #001, #003, #004, #005, and so on.

In case an invoice is canceled, its status will get marked as Voided but the invoice will still be there in the system.

Manage Dunning

Manage dunning feature is available once you have activated dunning, and for the Payment Due invoices only.

In case the invoices of customers are in dunning, ChargeMonk will try to collect payment from them again. Though in case you want to make an exemption for your customer, or you were notified that your payment will be made on the particular date, then dunning can be stopped or paused for the invoice in ChargeMonk.

Options to manage the dunning are present in the details page of the invoice.

Once the Manage Dunning option is selected by you, you can pause or stop dunning for that invoice.

Download as PDF

The invoice as PDF copy will be downloaded by the user for local reference.

The Criterion can also be set with the help of these filters and those invoices can be downloaded. Once downloading one or more invoices, then the PDF files will be mailed as an attachment to you.


A maximum of 50 invoices will be included in every PDF file, one for each page.
Such as, in case you downloaded 80 invoices, 2 separate emails will be sent to you, one having 50 invoices and the other having 30 invoices.

Invoice Notes

This feature enables you to include added notes to the invoices. For each subscription or customer, the specific invoice notes can be configured. At a Plan, Addon, or Coupon level it will also be setup, to make sure that they will be added only whenever that specific item will be a part of the Invoice. You can also use the Invoice Notes option (Settings > Configure ChargeMonk > Invoices, credit notes and quotes > Invoices button, credit notes, quotes and invoices) to include a default note for all invoices. Get more info on Invoice Notes here.

Add Charge Item

Add Charge Item option is used to add one-time charges. This option is also available for invoices that are in Pending status.

Add Add-on Item

Add Add-on Item option is used to include an add-on in the invoice. This option is also available for invoices that are in Pending status.

Close Now

In case metered billing is activated in ChargeMonk, the invoices will be created in the Pending status.

Close Now option can be used to add the usage based charges and the invoice status to Payment Due from pending will get changed by ChargeMonk.

Invoices API

Operations related to invoices can be performed with the help of Invoices API.


What is the process to correct the information on an existing invoice?

All you have to do is to go to the respective resources like customer, subscription, plan, add-on, and coupon to do modifications.

In case, the invoice does not have the correct billing or shipping address, you have to amend it in the respective subscription and if an invoice does not have the correct tax details, go to Settings > Configure ChargeMonk > Taxes and modify the tax configuration.

In ChargeMonk, how do invoice operations affect orders?

Checkout this section on the page of ChargeMonk Orders.

Is it possible to send a quote to a customer and convert it into an invoice later?

Yes, Get detailed information about quotes and proforma invoices in ChargeMonk.