Charge Monk protects your personal information. This privacy policy covers the guest visitors as well as the existing customers of Charge Monk, excluding end-users of our tools and services, subscription and billing platform that is possessed and operated by Charge Monk (“We”, or “Us”). Our privacy policy explains how we collect, use and disclose the information that you provide to us. This also defines the options available to you concerning the use of, and your access to make a change, correct or update your personal information. The use of information obtained by our products and services shall be limited to the objective of providing the products and services for which our customer has agreed upon with Charge Monk. You may ask any questions concerning this privacy policy, the practices adopted or your proceedings with the website; you may contact us at or the address referred below.

You may contact our data protection officer in case you face issues concerning the privacy or data protection by way of the above-mentioned email address.

Terms Used in This Policy?

  • Who does this policy covers?

    This policy covers the visitors and customers of Charge Monk, excluding the end-users of our billing and subscriptions services and tools.

    Note: The use of this website or application is not permitted for people/ individuals who are below the age of 16 years.

  • What information does our policy cover?

    The information we gather is based on who you are and what we are delivering you. We may require details such as full name, email id, contact number, company address, billing address, card details, and other details as input by a customer by way of custom fields.

  • How is your information used?

    Your information may be used in tax and business accounting purposes. Further, it may be used to provide you the customer support, billing service, transaction completion and to regularly connect with you for marketing as well as transactional purposes.

  • Who else may get your information?

    Other than recognized Charge Monk workforce that may get access to your details for the purposes mentioned above, a part of our third-party vendors may also access your details. Our business person of sub-processors may also get your details.

  • Cookies information – do we use that?

    Yes, we use it. The cookies may send information concerning the files you log in for behavioral advertising (that you can opt-out anytime). For this, we may collect details of website usage, IP information (used for performance monitoring, and analytics services.

  • How can you practice your rights as data subject?

    You can exercise your rights by contacting us at Other benefits such as making changes in your personal information or data can be done through your account’s self-service section. Besides this, you may contact our support personnel for data portability request at For end-users, any query relating to billing services shall be discussed with your service provider (the concerned customer). If you are unsure of your service provider then you can directly contact us at as the personal information we take is specifically from the customers we work with and not the end-users.

  • How will we notify you about any change in this policy?

    In case any policy change occurs, we will endeavor to inform you of the changes by email. However, we advise you to check this page for any updates.

EU-U.S. Privacy Shield and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield certifications

Charge Monk takes part in and has certified its agreement with the Swiss-U.S Privacy Shield Framework and the EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. We are dedicated to displaying the personal details received from European Union member countries and Switzerland, independence with the Privacy Shield Framework, to the Privacy Shield Framework’s applicable Privacy Shield Principles. To know more on Privacy Shield Network, visit the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Privacy Shield Index.

Charge Monk is accountable for handling all the personal information of the user under the Privacy Shield’s Framework and consequently sharing the same to a third-party vendor on its behalf. Charge Monk abides by the Privacy Shield Principles for all personal data transfers made outwards or inwards from the EU and Switzerland.

Charge Monk complies with the Privacy Shield Framework while receiving and transferring the data. Thus, Charge Monk is authorized or is subject to the regulatory enforcement powers of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. However, we might require disclosing your data in certain situations like lawful requests made by authorities or to details that meet national security requirements.

If you face problems in resolving your queries by us or you feel your concern was not satisfactorily addressed by us, please contact our U.S. based third party alternative dispute resolution provider (free of charges)

The details are more described on the Privacy Shield website; you may appeal to binding arbitration when other dispute resolution procedures have been exhausted. Other declarations required to make areas mentioned in the provisions below.

What information do we save?

We save some personal and non-personal details from users when they register on our website, set up an account or configure details. When you order or register on our website/application, you may be asked to submit your details like full name, email address, company name, contact details, and credit card details.

This refers to:
  • Personal account details: Includes First Name, Last Name, Email ID, Contact Number, Company Address, Billing Address, and Internet Protocol addresses.
  • Billing Information: First Name, Last Name, Email ID, Contact Number, Billing Address, Shipping Address, and Locale.
  • Credit Card Information: First Name, Last Name, Credit card details, and Card Address.
  • Custom Area: Includes other personal details as stored by customer in the course of business.

Our strategy for collecting your information

Majorly, we emphasize on gathering your information following the service you desire or the type of transaction you undergo on our platform. Thus, you can say that we work as per your consent or what are the contracting requirements where you stand as our end users. Besides consent-based information collection, we do have other ways of processing all your essential information. Some of them are:

  • We may collate and archive your data as one of the components of our legal contract for accounting and taxation. This may be inclusive of record maintenance, compliance to the regulations, or for filing purpose.
  • Occasionally, we may update you about the product assessments which may serve a dual purpose of benefiting both of us. This type of information shall be non-intrusive and shall be processed following the compliance.
  • Further, from what service you opt for on our platform, we shall be sincerely updating you for all the events, blogs, and webinars. Besides, we will also be notifying you for the forthcoming digital marketing and related activities mutually benefiting both of us.

What do we do with your information?

Whatever information we collate from you undergoes serves the following purposes:

- Improve our services for your betterment:

With the availability of your information, we stand in a position to quickly revert to your service requests.

- Ease in transactions:

All your data is protected in our hands, and we won't let any other company retrieve it from us. We ensure you that your data shall only be used for expressing your purpose behind the requested service or delivering the product.

- Updating you via emails:

Your registered email address shall be used only to notify you about your service usage. At times, we may send company happenings or product and service updates.

How do we ensure that your data is protected in our hands?

Whenever you enter all your relevant information on our platform, we ensure that your information remains protected. For this purpose, we have implemented the best data safety measures so that you do not need to worry while entering, submitting or accessing any of your information. TLS or Transported Layer Security Technology mediates your data transfer and archive it in our system’s database. From here, it is accessible only to the authorized personnel bearing official access to our systems. Any query related to our privacy policy can be raised.

The data that we collate from you is archived under AWS’s infrastructure (United States). We have our DR location in the European Union (Frankfurt). AWS helps us in implementing and maintaining the high standards of industrial security. For additional details on AWS security, visit If you want to know more about us, just visit our webpage.

Do we implement cookies and another technology usage?


Small files sent to your system’s hard drive (mediated through your Web browser) are called cookies. These are either sent by a site or their service providers. This helps those service providers to gain access to specific information on your system and remember it.

Why do we prefer to use cookies?

Charge Monk and partners make the best use of cookies for benefitting our customers. With cookies, analyzing trends, website administration, tracking website usage and collating demographic information are all at ease. At your level, it is possible for you to control the cookie usage. However, be careful while you disable cookies as it may interfere with your activities on our website. We prefer to use Visual Website Optimizer and the one provided by Google over other analytic services.

Log Files:

Most of our online platform shall gain automatic access to your information. It may be inclusive of the IP address, ISP, type of referring pages or browser types, files which you viewed on our platform. Besides, we can even get access to the information related to your operating system, stamps (date/time), and click stream data. All the accessed information shall be utilized in analyzing trends for administering the site. If the need arises, we may take access to your IP address to monitor the performances of applications and to block unwanted usage.

Targeting behaviour:

We have entered into a partnership with a third party to either display advertisements on our platform or other websites. To provide you with ads following your interest, our partners may prefer to use cookies. You can opt-out of availing this feature by clicking at If you reside within the frontiers of the European Union, visit However, generic ads will continue to mark their presence.

Do we let outside parties gain access to your information?

We never do that. Selling, trading or transferring your personal information to outside parties is against our privacy policy. However, we may provide access to information regarding the non-personally identifiable visitor to others. But its use shall be limited to your benefits only.

Service Providers:

At times, we may provide access to your information to the companies that help us with customer service or transactions. We authorize these companies to use your information only to avail these services. Besides, you may gain access to third parties information through your merchant.

Legal Obligations:

In case, we come across any legal obligation demanding disclosure of your data, we may do so. This ensures the safety of both of us, fraudulent investigations, and responding to a governmental request. In case, if Charge Monk involves either in an acquisition, merger or selling its assets, you will receive either an email notification or website notification for the same. This notification shall inform you about ownership change (if any), and the choices you may avail concerning your personal information. Without notifying you first, we may share your personal information as and when the need arises.

Access to our Users:

In case we receive any request at your end, we shall notify you whether we have any of your personal information archived with us or not. After that, you may avail the facilities to access and request for updating your personal information.

If you wish to rectify any of your personal information, you may use the self-service portal in your account.

In the case of billing services extended, we use whatever personal information you provide us. In such a scenario, you may reach your service provider

Alternatively, you may connect with us to know whether we are processing your data or not. Within a specific timeframe, we will inevitably revert to your request.

Retention of Data:

As long as you stay in the touch of our services, we shall be having access to your information. No sooner you terminate your contact with Charge Monk, we will process on the deletion of your data. This process shall be disclosed off within 120 days from the termination date. Even if you close your account, your personal information will still be retained for complying with legal obligations, accounting requirements, resolution of disputes, and other related tasks. However, since your account is now defunct, we shall notify it either as deleted or closed.

Opt-Out option:

As soon as you register yourself on our platform, we shall be emailing you promotional and transactional emails on your registered email address. If you have any issues concerning your privacy, you may follow the instructions for unsubscribing from the promotional emails.

Porting data:

In case you want access to your personal information held with us, we shall process it in a structured and machine-readable format. Whenever our customer demands, this data porting facility is available for download.

Further, we may alarm you with email announcements related to our upgraded services as and when the need arises. Say for example, due to maintenance activities, we may notify you about the temporarily unavailable status of our services. Although these email notifications are more of promotional types, you do not have the liberty to opt-out from them.

Third Party Links:

Occasionally, we may prefer to display our merchant’s partner’s links on our online platform. These third parties operate following their privacy policies. Hence, we do not execute any control over the contents displayed on their links. However, protecting the integrity of our website is important for us, and so you may give your feedback about these websites.


Our customers have the liberty of going through our publicly accessible blogs. A third-party application governs the comments mentioned on our blog. In case you are willing to post your comment, you may be asked to register on that application. In case if any of your comment section is removed, you may contact the third party for retrieving it as we do not have any access to those comments. Also, you need to go through their privacy policy to know how they process your information.


Besides endorsements, we do emphasize displaying testimony of our happy customers. If you have no issues, we may even highlight your name beneath your testimony.


Google or any other sign-in services can give you access to our platform. Through these sign-in services, we stand in a position to authenticate your identity and provide you an option wherein you may assist us with your information. It may also help us with pre-populating your sign-in on our platform. In case you move on with Google’s sign-in, you have the option to repost your information about whatever activities you do on this website to be displayed under your profile page.

Terms and Conditions:

To gain an insight into the disclaimers regulating the use of our platform, please go through our terms and conditions religiously

Information about the data collected:

Charge Monk emphasizes gathering the info following the customers wish. Further, we do not hold any personal relationship with our customers whose data we process. In case you represent as the customer of some of our customers with whom you are not satisfied, you may connect with another customer of us to continue receiving the service. Without your consent, we may transfer your data to other companies which help us in promulgating our service. Every transfer is moderated through service agreements.

Customer controlled data access:

Charge Monk gives you the liberty to access whatever personal information you feed on our platform. We do not hold any personal contact with our customers whose data is under our processing stage. If you are seeking access to making amendments to your fed data, you have to connect with our data controller. In case of a data removal request, there is a specific pre-defined timeframe within which we are bound to respond you.

Till you share your bonding with us, we shall be in access to your personal information. Within 120 days of relationship termination, we shall proceed ahead with the deletion of all your personal information. Even after you close your account on our platform, we shall be holding all your personal information. It may help us when the situation demands such as audit requirements or resolving any disputes concerning our services.

We ask for your consent:

By availing our services, you extend your permission towards our safety and privacy policies.

Upgrading our privacy policies:

Whenever we undergo any form of change concerning our information practices, we will be notifying you about it. You may either receive an email or website notification before any material changes being implemented. We hope that you might be reading our privacy policy frequently to keep yourself updated.

Contacting Us:

In case of any technical assistance, you may reach us at the below address:

In case you are suffering from any issues related to the protection of data privacy, you may contact our privacy officer at