Frequently Asked Questions

The right choice for all the subscription business of all the sizes across industries is ChargeMonk. Reckon with ChargeMonk as your off-the-shelf plug-play billing solution delivered through the cloud.

ChargeMonk allows you go beyond billing, payments and recurring invoices- to come across with amazing subscription experiences that “WOWWWW”.

You can associate with ChargeMonk through API if you are interested in technical work or our PCI compliant hosted payment pages could be used to collect payments, within moments you will be ready to start on boarding users.

ChargeMonk gives a powerful &adaptable billing system to empower your deals &promoting group to run unique advancements and the correct instruments for your help group to billing precisely & react quicker to billing inquiries. Also, it helps to gather payments online from payment passage of your preference.

Repetitive billing is significantly more than billing at occasional interims. To guarantee your clients have an extraordinary shopping experience, you have to furnish them with a payment system, which is simple and easy to use. We offer you that.

We additionally help to lessen customers beat by giving you significant information with the assistance of notices and reports to guarantee that you are in control with your business.

Building a payment system all alone requires a ton of time, exertion and center from the board. Utilizing us, you can, in particular, find a sense of contentment realizing that your whole customer billing is dealt with by the specialists in the most secure way.

You can join up on-line to explore our application sandbox immediately. To get paid on-line from users, you may like a payment gateway & merchandiser account from any of the supported payment gateways. It takes somewhere between some days to some weeks to urge an approved payment gateway account, the pleasing factor that into go-live.

All the subscriptions of that plan will retain to stay unless we explicitly move them to any other plan. The deletion is best a "soft" delete that stops the plan from permitting new subscriptions.

ChargeMonk is hosted on information servers using Amazon net offerings throughout multiple locations. We've taken numerous measures to make sure endured carrier across regions.

Except there is an outage throughout a big place & more than one information centers, the service can be accessible for users.

We endeavor towards zero downtime, including deployments over weekends. Our development team has broad experience taking care of server versatility and you can lay guaranteed on our capacity to give a very accessible and exceedingly versatile administration. You can check the uptime status of ChargeMonk here.

As a dealer, you are as yet in charge of chargebacks as the vendor account is possessed by you. ChargeMonk causes you with the correct apparatuses to convey regularly & impart unambiguously to keep away from chargebacks from your customers. Here are some extra resources on how to avoid chargebacks.

Yes, you will be able to at any time. It’s referred to as the "DBA name" ("Doing-Business-As"). Please contact your trader account provider/payment gateway to update the proper name.

Outstanding amongst other practices is to guarantee you use your DBA name as the most perceived name by the customers- for example, if your company might be called “LEE Inc.” however the customer is familiar with “”, use the latter as your DBA name.

Furthermore, you can affix likewise the DBA name with a telephone number or other contact data, so customers can promptly connect in case of inquiries.

No. The charges are united overall sites and there is no compelling reason to pay any extra charge for each site. Be that as it may, if you have multiple sites in ChargeMonk, simply inform our support email id and we will guarantee that we unite the charging.

This is referred to as "add-ons" or "components" support with most of the business. You’ll be able to put together quantity primarily based or on/off components that your customers will subscribe. ChargeMonk can flawlessly handle the billing things making certain that your customer invoice mirror this without uncertainty.

Yes. You would be able to track payments made via bank transfer, checks, etc., in a very single place &reconcile invoices, apart from automatic reconciliation of online credit payments.

Yes, we assist a one-time transaction.

You can peruse progressively about the EU VAT feature here.

ChargeMonk has the Customer Portal highlight that enables your customers to make changes to their Subscriptions. This incorporates refreshing their Account Information and Card, Billing also, Shipping Address subtleties, changing Subscription, etc. here’s more on this.

We need you to have the adaptability to assemble extra highlights in the portal that you believe are critical for your business. Hence, we have released the open-source variant of our portal. Here’s more on this.

A payment gateway is a software service that approves payments for e-commerce transactions. Envision this to be the pipe that interfaces the end-user credit cards that are issued by a huge number of banks over the world(City Bank, Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, HSBC, etc.,) with the network cards(Visa, Master etc.,) and in the course of time your bank account. There is a lot that goes into what a payment gateway does including confirmations, approvals, misrepresentation location, currency exchange, settlements and so on, yet, it is a programming part on the web to help route cash.

A merchant account is a kind of financial balance that enables organizations to acknowledge payments through debit or credit cards or bank transfers. It is a credit extension stretched out to organizations by the bank, after due hazard evaluation.

End-User can apply a chargeback and recover the cash back if the business neglects to convey the guaranteed administration. What's more, the credit extension reached out by a bank is utilized to repay such chargebacks and recoup it from the business. This is the reason there is a hazard evaluation of business and certain limitations are connected on a merchant account, in contrast to a standard bank account.

You can specifically apply with any of the payment gateway/merchant account providers. We can likewise help you with presentations if you require help.

Truly, you can. Truth be told you will require a merchant account & payment gateway (now and again there is no detachment like the instance of PayPal Payments Pro) to be arranged in ChargeMonk, to process the payments on your behalf.

No. With a significant number of the gateways, you have the alternative to store credit card in the payment gateway vault, as a rule for an extra charge. When you use ChargeMonk services, this is not required as it is incorporated into the charges for ChargeMonk.

Indeed. You can even drive customers to be bought in using various gateways, by just arranging the gateways. You would set one as a matter of course and after that can control the change of portal for explicit memberships.

Consider ChargeMonk as your all-inclusive framework to deal with your memberships. We don't contact the money part. We deal with starting the approval, capture &refunds on your behalf with payment gateways. So ChargeMonk does not make the settlement & thus settlements transpire specifically by the payment gateways.

Indeed. Direct debit payments are started by the merchant and made straightforwardly from a customer’s bank account. It is handled through the separate systems in various nations, in particular, ACH in the USA, BACS in the UK, and SEPA in Europe. Here is a review of what ChargeMonk can do for you on the off chance that you need to acknowledge direct debit payments specifically from your customer’s bank account.

- For the US, ChargeMonk supports ACH payments through Stripe and Authorize.Net.

- In the UK, Eurozone, and Sweden, ChargeMonk supports direct debit payments with Go card-less - an online direct debit provider situated in the UK. Here’s more on accepting direct debit payments with ChargeMonk

Truly, ChargeMonk is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant. We guarantee that your financial data/record is dependably safe.

Indeed, completely. All that you do in the ChargeMonk application is on completely over HTTPS – your information is completely encoded by an SSL connection and can be accessed over the web.

We store the credit card data/information in the payment gateways or an external vault, contingent upon your inclinations and payments gateway used. No card data is saved in ChargeMonk, except the last couple of digits required for recognizable proof and the token given by the credit card vault for repeating transactions.

We do support all the prevalent currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, AUD, INR, SGD, AED, and numerous others. On the off chance that there is a currency you are searching for that isn't accessible, drop us a mail and we will make certain to support it.

You would be able to utilize this solution all around, although you should check with your payment processor on the off chance that they have any restrictions for your account. For instance, in India PayPal does not permit domestic transactions.

Indeed, we do. Multi-currency evaluating is accessible over the entirety of our plans for our supported currencies and its element ability depends on the ChargeMonk plan you're on. For additional information, click here.

Indeed. We have given export data option for memberships. For some other arrangements, if you don't mind send an email to and we will be upbeat to help you.

To cancel your account, please electronic mail us at together with your ChargeMonk web site name and we will be able to help you with the cancelation.

In that case, we provide an open API, which you could use to export all your information/data. All the sensitive data like card records might be purged after the same old retention length. You can also request our help team to export all your billing statistics if you want to migrate to some other billing device.