Now Persuade your customers and also strengthen your relationship with them by Upselling.

With ChargeMonk's subscription management get add on system which is a valuable technique for increasing the overall profit margins.

Recurring & Non-recurring Addons

Recurring and non-recurring add-ons bring out additional revenue by up-selling one-time products and services with your subscription plans. With admin console and API, creating and managing the add-ons becomes simple. A pre-defined pricing model can get you a better pricing control, the option of discounts just on specific products, and accurate revenue reporting.

Usage Based Pricing Model

ChargeMonk has the facility to charge customers based on usage at the end of the billing cycle. Customers are demanding new forms of consumption and prefer a usage plan for certain services. This is a key strategy for companies in the Subscription Economy.

Flexible Pricing Model

ChargeMonk's flexible pricing bundles are simple, flexible pricing plans designed to suit your business. ChargeMonk helps to define associations between plans and add-ons. We help to manage all your pricing bundles and thus charge you accurately based on the pricing model.

Dynamic Tax Services

The tax landscape is always contextual and evolving. Certain products and services are exempted from taxes. With such dynamic scenarios with simple configuration changes, you can override business rules to create exceptions.

Upsell with confidence

When a firm offers add-ons it basically means that it adds more values to the firm's product line. This expansion leads to an increase in the customer database and also an increase in revenue. Thus, you can up-sell without having to set up separate plans.