Get Started

Before you start to Create Subscription API you have to configure an account in Chargemonk's web portal by adding necessary details in the given fields. Follow the below given steps to setup your account in Chargmonk's web portal to get the API token to create subscription:

  1. In ChargeMonk site signup by clicking register button placed at top right panel, it will redirect you to the signup page.
  2. Fill your details in the given fields in signup page like email address, business type, business size and click on complete signup button.
  3. A confirmation mail will be sent to your email address that you provided.
  4. Click on the confirmation button enclosed in your mail and you will be redirected to the login page of ChargeMonk.
  5. Fill the entries and get started with Test site.
  6. In Test site, go to Setting > Configure > Business Profile
  7. In Business profile enter the address and time zone of your organization.
  8. Back to Setting > Configure > Payment Gateways
  9. In Payment Gateways page, click Add New Payment Gateway, which will redirect you to payment gateway page.
  10. In payment gateway page, choose your payment gateway from given options and add details in the provided fields.
  11. Create a plan, go to Plan > Add New Plan.
  12. Enter all the plan details as per your convenience and click on Create Plan button.
  13. Create an addon, go to Addon > Add New Addon.
  14. Enter all the addon details as per your convenience and click on Create Addon button.
  15. Create a coupon, go to Coupon > Add New Coupon.
  16. Enter all the coupon details as per your convenience and click on Create coupon button.
  17. If one has configured taxes in Chargemonk then it will be applied to invoices only. Don’t forget to configure taxes for each region where you have customers. Taxes are applied in Chargemonk, whenever an invoice is created for either a renewal, subscription, or a one-time charge. Enable Tax by following the below given path:
    Navigate to Settings > Configure Chargemonk > Taxes and click Configure Tax.
    The price that you quote for your Product, Service or add-on can be either, Inclusive of tax or Exclusive of tax.

In your Chargemonk's test site, go to configure and click on the API keys option from the given options, here you will find the API token. You have to follow same process to get the API token in your Live site.